Friday, November 21, 2008

exam week coming, post CS3266 thoughts

finally, it's time for exams.

had mixed feelings after the CS3266 presentation to the lecturer in charge. I feel we have underperformed, but the emphasis was unfortunately rather skewed towards aesthetics. My fear is the concentration on eye candies such as those brought forward to us during the presentation (and we didn't have it) has brought neglect to more gradeworthy technical elements, such as MVC and page security. We heard it's standard, but i'm definitely doubtful as to whether everybody had really done so. Furthermore, these weren't validated during the presentation.

anyone could have done embedding of Google Maps in less than an hour, but things such as security couldn't be done as readily as the former.

i feel our efforts were directed wrongly, and i would accept this (not sure for my partner). We just hope in future, the general direction can be better communicated from the start.

all in all, there was a bittersweet feeling of this experience. Bitter because the evaluator's expectation wasn't in the same direction (read: not a difference in the level of expectation, just that the emphasis was not what we thought of), sweet because my partner and i managed to complete the project without much problems in a short time.

there seemed to be some distrust in the quality of our work. What i can only say - what we said is all in the code. There might be fellow students who throw smoke like nobody's business, but we are certainly not in that group. Believe it or not, we are not interested to lie nor curry favour too.

maybe it's still our fault. So what to do? Work hard for exams lor. Life is always unfair.

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