Monday, November 24, 2008

exam period starts

1 paper down. This is the module that causes me much distress over my graduation.

If you studied statistics, the above sign shouldn't be foreign to you

no one can understand this genuine problem unless he/she been through the same situation. It's roughly the same problem in tertiary education - fail something and repeat it. What's the pain? The pain is the agonizing fear of repeating (and staying back at an age of 1st quartile of n=100) and therefore not being able to graduate.

i think what wx said is true. If you cannot get in, you can try other courses or schools. Even if you can get in, don't assume you can get out safely. Some folks can get in, but quit after a while. Sometimes its not that they don't treasure their places, but there are many environmental difficulties - age catching up; not as agile or daring to try anymore, the pressing need to solve family difficulties first, other personal wants-and-needs, personal problems, etc.

that being said, i'd still encourage my poly readers to continue to upgrade themselves. We all see the difference when times are good or bad - when times are good, money comes and goes easily, not many cares a hoot for education because of a dangerous assumption of a strong employment climate. Now when times are bad, people want to earn more, but are restrained because there is an invisible ceiling. Of course, work harder to earn more, but humans have only 24 hours a day. How hard can you work yourself? What will be the expense(s) of this terribly hard work day in and out?

the smarter way is still, arm yourself with qualifications quickly, whether grades suck or not. Or at least, don't procrastinate by comparing costs of studying or not studying. This cost comparison itself does not hold water, i feel. For full timers, concurrently work on personal grooming and development. University undergrads are no longer the stereotyped classic bookworms, and the tide is indeed changing. Form up or drop out... *grin*

what a wall of text.. i'm going back to my notes.

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