Wednesday, November 26, 2008

neighbour below me

i have a very nice neighbour.

i don't know who in particular came up to speak to my parents, about someone bathing late in the night, the toilet drain making lots of noises that they can't sleep. They wanted to call mata in. Wow.

plus my aircon leaking water, dripping on their whatever item at the bedroom aircon ledge. So, they couldn't take it.

i appreciate them for coming up my house and telling my mum, but hey, we are not supermen. I cannot move mountains at a snap of a finger, just to enable them a sound sleep at night.

2 days after the feedback, i threw away the drain filter that made the water noise. Not enough, it seemed, because they came knocking on my door complaining again about the aircon, which i turned on 2 days back. It was barely a week since the first feedback.

i'm going to call Gain City, then obtain a service report from them. Then this service report will go down with me to their doorstep, and end their freaking grouses once and for all. Oh yes, they can threaten to call HDB or the police for all they want. Go ahead and be my guest.

but! i'll be a gentleman and ask them for what exactly they told my mum, since there's a language barrier. If i found out they used unpleasant tones on her, i won't bother to be nice to them.


Cross Road Pedestrian said...

Wow, aren't they nice!!! Bloody pricks..

zhiming said...

I can only say, that it's unreasonable to expect my household to settle the matter within days.

Thinking of getting my good friend, go down for a good talk. In case things get explosive i still have a trained ex-PO with me.

Nelly said...

Wait till you live under my neighbour. They bang stuff and rub their chairs on the floor. Even had that going at 2am in the morning and they never ever sleep.

Reported the case to Town Council but things just got rougher.

zhiming said...

Never talk to them at their doorstep? Hehe.