Wednesday, November 26, 2008

driving - revisions

my blog seems to be a driving blog. So i'll streamline all my revision driving into this post and push it up the entries when i update.

revision - #20 (26 nov)
a quick revision to brush up my fundamentals in circuit. Generally alright except for small faults.

saw a rather serious accident involving a SSDC manual car (#1, SGJ 574 A) and a lorry. I believe #1 was turning right into AMK Ave 9, when the lorry slammed into it at the left passenger side. From my view, #1 spun slightly, because after it was hit, it was facing 90 degrees away from the intended direction, facing vehicles coming from the Lentor Ave towards AMK.

the damage was mainly to the 2 passenger doors, 20% of the ceiling, plus other potential replacements to the chassis components. Basically, imagine it as a medium bite on an apple!

surprisingly, the instructor was ok. The learner was rather shaken and suffered some injuries. I was doing test route 7 at the same junction, and only saw it when i was returning to school. Happened so quickly, and scary. Learning driving is not a joke.

revision - #19 (20 nov)
met another new instructor, Mr Raja Saiful. A nice and cheerful man.

got rather rusty with the wheels after 2 weeks of rest. Had many problems in the circuit, which i think i'll concentrate on from now. Circuit 17 and 17A has been and is my nemesis today, accumulated 8 points and 1 immediate failure by just doing directional change there. Actually, it's my weakest area in the circuit, after number 9/10. Sigh... directional change.

revision - #18 (7 nov)
met a very old bird instructor today, Mr Ng. It's my first revision, and he brought me out immediately. Can sense he knows his place well, because he can drive through the mechanic's service road and through the public carpark and out. Most of my past instructors will use the learning entrance/exit.

oh yes, he has been with SSDC for 22 years!

he identified my problem, which is mounting kerb when doing narrow kerbs in the circuit. Plus reinforced some untold rules in the circuit. Learnt a valuable lesson today. He cycled through all the stations 2 times, with road driving in between.

and yes, i knocked another pole down. 2nd time. During parallel parking. Was preparing to go out when i was greedy and went too near the front pole. It was drizzling, he had to go out and put the pole back for me. Somemore there was a girl in a silver Mitsubishi waiting behind. o.o"

gay buddy must really go into circuit at least 1 time, practice until you sleep and dream with the circuit design. Otherwise go in too little times, sure to have circuit shock. Just few examples i got shocked few lessons ago:

do parallel parking at 15, or vertical parking at 14a/b. After that, turn left into the road (that divides circuit into halves). You thought parking zai liao, happy like ****. Then suddenly, ask you turn right into 28 for vertical parking or 29 for parallel parking. Suddenly mind blur, start to sway. At 28 there's a car doing VP. You try to turn in, tester zham brake. Car crossed centre line. He mark something on the paper. ****.

or another one, after doing parallel at 5, then ask you to cut across 4 lanes to the slope at 26. He says "go" and you go, miss stop line and woohoo. Immediate failure.

or you did directional change at 10. Ok, very good, never mount kerb. Happy like **** again, drive out and wait at stop line. The car on major road give way, maybe chiobu or instructors are friend-friend. Wah, happy like **** again, happily turn left since someone let you go first. Ooopsie, rear left wheel up the kerb. Immediate failure.

all from my personal experience. hope i can know all these traps before i take the test.

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