Thursday, November 13, 2008

SSDC online booking screwed for past week

ever since last saturday, i have problems viewing slots for practical lessons.

all started with a database error - user "SSDC" not found in the typical ASP error 500 page.

on sunday, the database was back. But hey, transactions made in the past 3 days were gone. Almost jumped at the screen.

things got slightly better over the next few days, but the website would not respond in a timely manner, or simply locked out due to "maintenance". It now takes around 2-3 mins to retrieve slots for 7 days. At 9am tomorrow, i think the site will go down again.

look at the available slots tomorrow... i have not seen a day full of slots for sometime, unless i clicked on mid December.

Everyone is desperate

the management must be screaming at the IT personnel. Even if the learners have already paid, they wouldn't be happy to be forced to miss their lessons and yet unable to trysell their slots off. It's $72, easily worth someone's daily salary.

saw another idiotic stomper complaining about a SSDC car 111 in his carpark. The problem that this ignorant fellow didn't notice, that car has a P plate, not L plate. Obviously, he has not learnt driving and decided to bark on the wrong wall. Very pathetic. Same goes for some fellow stompers who posted things like "is SSDC carpark so small that such training cannot be done"?

besides ignorance tortoises, we have mountain tortoises in Singapore too. Should get these tortoises to act as poles for refresher learners at the carparks. Paint them like a freaking zebra.

oh man, tolong ah tolong brothers, kiang tio ho, mai geh kiang. You people just made an ass out of yourselves online.

Link: SSDC uses public carpark as training ground

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