Friday, October 24, 2008

Straits Vista @ Marsiling II

my parents and i went for the flat selection exercise last sunday.

the selection was more anxious than exciting, because almost all the choice units were taken up. Luckily my choice, one of the 3 special units along the same column (#20/23/26-65) with bay windows for the MBR, was still available. But the process of staring at the teletext outside the sales office was cold sweat. Imagine you have already set your mind on a couple of units, only 1 or 2 available when you reach.

oh yes, it's my choice. It's for my parents, yet they let me choose. This decision means quite a big deal behind... don't ask me to interpret.

anyway with the option fee paid and 10% downpayment payable in the next 4 months, i'm beginning to somewhat panic. I have a shortfall, which i have to finance through a loan, because it would take me another 7-8 months to save up that much. If i can't raise that amount, then the option fee will be forfeited and flat application cancelled.

had discussions with my school mates, and found myself to be first in this situation. I thought its good to buy a new flat (whether for my parents, or for my future) as early as possible. But i have to forgo the plan to get a car. It's quite a sacrifice, and i find myself getting into this situation much earlier than others. Hope my decision will benefit me later.

i realised a lesson - saving for rainy day. Now that rainy day has come. I want to be a super saver!!!

3D model

OCS - Optional door and floor finishings at $4.8k

The view from the block in front of my unit

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