Tuesday, October 21, 2008

driving #9

the weather was rather toasty, quite a difference from the last sway session. It was the same car, 122. Cold sweat. Maybe it's a coincidence. But i realised the passenger's seat had those blue plastic cushions on. These were used by the instructor i met last week. Was it really a coincidence?

looked around the car... saw the damn familiar grey bottle.

yeah, it's him all right. What luck i have.

anyway, some photos i taken last week.

The controls looked kinda obiang, actually

So far, only Fariq used the red button. The right clock, is crucial to the SDIs.

Getting ready to go

we continued on the lane changing last week, but went on to do reversing and directional change in the circuit first.

he introduced me to the 4 stations for this purpose, 9, 10, 13 and 17A. 9 and 10 are normal directional change lots, 13 and 17A have platform ramps. 17A is the hardest, since it's the narrowest and there are no cones or poles to mark the stopping position before reversing.

this part surprisingly went on fine and after an hour, we hit the road for practice. When i came back from the roads later on for repractice, the positioning and low speed control wasn't nice, had to do corrective action to prevent striking the kerb.

as for road practice, i'm aware of his nags earlier. So took extra care to brake early and anticipate traffic junctions. Started to do intensive right turns... and kalang kabok - didn't notice the deceleration lane, abrupt lane change, didn't check traffic properly, etc. His nags just came and came, i just listened and listened.

cleared the lane changing and directional change subjects, but he didn't indicate that i started on right turns. I personally thought my performance was below expectations, so never mind. Will improve on it coming friday.

although this guy is good to remind me on weak points and minimal instructions (useful for TP), i feel uptight driving with him.


- positioning and low speed control for directional change

- need lots of practice and alertness for right turns

- note difficult driving areas in AMK


Cross Road Pedestrian said...

what's the red button for? shoot missile at lousy drivers in front eh? then what is that LED ? equivalent to m'in'de'f SWD huh?

zhiming said...

yeah.. for the instructors to shoot missiles. Press and hear the horn shooting sound waves. lol..

LED is actually a clock. Since every minute counts!