Tuesday, October 21, 2008

going home - kluang

i went 'home' last weekend. I call it home because my father grew up there, staying there until his late teens. The whole family would go back once or twice yearly, until my father turned 50+. Now he's already 60. Too tiring for him to travel that often.

the last visit was in 2006. The place has not changed much, except for a new (and first) shopping centre. My gu zhang passed away due to a freak road accident last year, thus his coffeeshop was taken over by someone else. Despite my busy schedule, i very much wanted to go back, so i took the chance since it was my cousin's big day.

had a wedding lunch/dinner at Restoran Kim Wah Loon. It was lunch/dinner, because the time was 4pm. Lots of couples holding their dinner that day too, whether in Malaysia or Singapore.

As usual, our launchpad was Larkin Terminal

One of the main street of Kluang

In its heydays, it was hugely popular

My sister's do re mi came along, my father should be really happy

Hotel Anika, owned by a distant relative of mine.
Stayed here for the night

My BIL and his son - looks very alike!

My da gu's house

My cousin's wedding lunch/dinner

My youngest aunt, from my 2nd grandma's side

My da pher (eldest uncle) on the left

We went over to Kluang Parade after the wedding meal

It was time to leave; took the train back.

Odd looking mini machine

Train is here!

Stopped at Kempas Baru, switched tracks to let the KL bound train take our track temporarily

The CRT Panasonic TV is gone

Home sweet home

i'll go back again soon. Went back so many times and watched the people/place change, but i want to recall and write these memories down.

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