Saturday, October 18, 2008

driving #8

sway number: 122.

quite a lousy session, maybe i was tired or something. It was drizzling on and off for the 1st hour, my first time driving in the rain. So had to adjust to different braking and the wiper control.

then i forgot to cancel my signal 2 times, stop the wiper when the rain stopped. Stupid right? lolz. Also more seriously, overshot the stop line few times due to late braking, got ngiao quite badly for that.

oh yes, the instructor is new to me, Mr Yeow SC. Didn't have much chemistry, he just kept quiet and let me drive on and on. Good thing is he didn't help me brake at all, so i realised the big problems on the road so far. Bad thing? He's very straight, commented on all the faults i have. Maybe it's a good thing after all, because i can focus on improvements.

thinking of fixing my instructor to either Mr Leong or Tan, but undecided. Let's see what kind of instructor i'll get next Tue.

now, takeaways:

- left turns, keep close to kerb to prevent lane crossing

- obey STOP sign at minor road

- brake early, reduce speed at traffic junctions (argh x100)

***, i'm always having problems braking. Especially when the stupid traffic lights suddenly change to amber. Today finally kena f, albeit politely by that guy.

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