Saturday, October 25, 2008

driving #10 and #11

lucky numbers 122 and 134. I got Mr Yeow as my instructor again, but kinda used to him. Maybe the no-nonsense attitude is good for me also. Both slots were back-to-back, i got the second slot from someone's trysell. The evening instructor was Mr Fariq.

covered a great deal today, right turns, u-turns, 3 point turns, emergency brakes, s and crank courses, plus review of stage 2. All cleared in the 2 lessons.

there are some problems though, mainly due to inconsistency and impatience. Shall learn to drive slowly, let the tester feel safe, blah blah.

with 22 subjects completed, i'm left with stage 3 and 4; the 2 parking techniques, lane changing part III, plus natural hazards. Before booking for TP, the familiarisation of test routes and mock tests lessons too.

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