Saturday, October 25, 2008

driving #12 and #13

hi all, i'm flying on my lessons recently. My gay buddy is chiong-ing at a rate of 2 lessons/week, then i should be on a C130 chopper with a rate of 3-4 lessons/week.

just got someone's trysell slot for sunday 0815 hrs, on sunday 0000 hrs. Of course, went to sleep immediately given my bad flu.

it's Mr Yeow (yeah), we did vertical parking using the classic b&w poles, went round the circuit looking for stations to do the parking. Saw someone knock a pole down with a sickening thud, hope it wont't happen to me.

went out for hazard subject, no cockups also. Maybe sunday morning, lesser traffic. The moment i drove back to school, i forgot the hazard - pedestrian. Kenna friendly f from him. lolz.

next time must be extra careful when re-entering the school; the stop line, oncoming vehicles PLUS the pedestrian. Very chui if given immediate failure at the very last stage of TP.


add: went for #13 after this post; another trysell. Same car, same instructor. Let him guess correctly, someone really went to cancel his/her slot.

did platform ramp training, heavy traffic lane change and 4 test routes.

i heard the sickening thud of the stupid pole again. I've did it! Went up the ramp, braked like sissy. So, knocked the pole down. After that, i stepped the brake as though it's free.

left with parallel parking to learn. The last 3 lessons are familiarisation and test practices. TP i'm coming!!!

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