Wednesday, October 29, 2008

driving #14 and #15

i had a new instructor Mr Teo, the 6th so far, for this parallel parking lesson. The whole afternoon was quite terok lah. Confused between parallel and vertical. I was doing parallel parking procedures in a vertical parking lot. When he confirmed whether i'm doing vertical i still can say 对对. I realised my pole A was damn far away after some time.

he was laughing all the way man. "对对". Another car next to me did vertical parking in a parallel lot. hahaha... we are all blur sotongs in the circuit. Plus 5 cars having double L, have to siam them along the way.

with parallel parking done, i'm cleared with all techniques. Now on to stage 4 (subject 28 to 30), which is to evaluate my readiness for TP. By friday, i should be able to finish subject 30, then book for test date.

with so much of theory, i think i still need help for real life parking. No poles outside, and it's crazy to bring poles to do parking also.

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