Wednesday, September 17, 2008

extremely busy

i'm doing last minute preparation for final theory test next week. Come this friday, is my first practical lesson.

that's on top of my coursework which i'm playing a catch up game now.

have i mentioned about job hunting and the graduation trip, plus plus plus .....?

we all know about the financial thunderstorm that is happening (if you're not aware, paint yourself green and be the frog in the well, especially for any business/banking student. Yeah, quit your course as well.), and how the potential collapse of a huge financial institution such as AIG can affect our daily ricebowl.

there are surely layoffs - which company cares about human or talent resource management when dollars and cents are more critical? But will these companies continue to employ? My guess for the ones in deep trouble - yes. For those in not-so-deep trouble, no. Which means the entire job market will still shrink no matter what. Maybe it's time to think whether we are indeed aiming too high at the sky, and pick only prestigious companies to develop a career with.

update: the US Government has bailed out AIG by pumping in USD85b. They know an AIG collapse will dwarf any other recent institutions' failure, because the global economy will go down with it. But i don't think they can be Santa Claus and offer to save every other similar company that threatens to sink in the ocean.

i'm not comfortable with bailouts too, because i believe in this problem - 换汤不换药 changing the soup not the medicine. What the government has done for AIG doesn't mean it will successfully weather the storm, it is just prolonging the storm.

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