Friday, September 19, 2008

1st driving practical

i was not quite awake, because of a late night before.

was at the airport earlier, saw the welcome home session for our Paralympic Games sports people. The person under the spotlight was Yip Pin Xiu, a 16 yo swimmer who achieved a Gold medal for Singapore. Congratulations to her, i hope the authorities can offer her a reward package that is as attractive as our counterparts from Olympic Games. No, wasn't there for this reason lah.

my practical was at 0815, the earliest timing. Rained really badly when i reached yck, had to run in the rain to SSDC.

saw my car allocation at the television at the entrance, then went to find my lucky 134. Gong gong walk in the rain across the car park without brolly. Later on i found out, blue brollys are provided at the zebra crossing for students. The instructors use red ones.

the lesson went on fine, told the friendly instructor Mr Raup that i'm really a newbie. So he carefully explained to me all the installations in the car, seating posture, mirror adjustment before letting me try. Then i went a few rounds in the outer right lane, practising my left steering and centering.

luckily, not as scary as expected. Never tio meh, but my steering was kns. He taught me hand-over-hand and push-pull method, but the former seems better. I couldn't figure out the push-pull nicely. He pointed out that we shouldn't grab the steering wheel using 'undergraft', that is more for lorry and bus drivers.

true or not, it's always debatable i guess. I'm comfy with his first method.

i'm not looking far enough, so it's something to fix immediately too. So key takeaways for this class -

1. steering and centering
2. anticipate and look far appropriately
3. right pressure on the pedals

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