Sunday, September 14, 2008

mega update - dan's wedding, east coast hawker, tree top walk

i found a number of photos from my handphone camera, so it's time for a longer post.

Dan's wedding

dan had his big night last sunday at Qian Xi Restaurant, Tanjong Katong Complex. The quality of the food? Thumbs up. I felt bad then, but maybe i'll make it up during the housewarming (if he invites). Met wq and faizah there, both were his Ngee Ann classmates. Who will be marrying next, in our orbat? CCIS elvin? hahaha....


Changi beach

Terminal 3

XS coke and medium ice tea

had a mini gathering on tuesday before andrew enlisted yesterday. We planned Changi Village as our makan place, but to my shock it was closed. And it was open when i went to the boardwalk last Saturday. Never mind, we have the car - called a number of dishes at East Coast Park hawker centre instead. Had stingray, bbq chicken, char kway teow, hokkien mee, satay, rojak and lime juices! What nice food, EXCEPT i had terrible ulcers.

then we drove through Changi Coast Road, stopped briefly at Changi Beach where he had to use my laptop to rescue his server. Went to sit down at T3's mac, my favourite hangout till midnight.

7200rpm screamer for my Fujitsu

upgraded my Fujitsu's hard drive with 70GB more space and faster rotations per minute. It feels the same though, probably because of Vista's SuperFetch caching technology.

went for tree top walk just now. Was really warm, because we started just after noon.

Tree top walk

MR Reservoir

Competition lanes?

Carpark lots?

4.4km to go

Once again, trees and trees


I thought the greenish buildings belonged to SAF

The entrance to ttw via Pierce

Facts & figures


Plant #1 - grows horizontally

Plant #2 - chickenpox leaves

Colourful fungus

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