Saturday, September 27, 2008

driving #3

my lucky number was 125 on friday, with Mr Leong as my instructor. Mr Raup was on morning shift, so i couldn't get him. But soon i found out, having different instructors really worked in getting poor habits improved...

was taught stopping and moving off from kerb, which were alright to me. Got it right on 1st try and every subsequent tries, quite surprising.

my turning during sharp bends weren't good. Had a tendency to full lock too late. The trick was to turn when the mirror meets the kerb, but only improved after many many turns round a small area of the circuit.

the good news, have never mounted kerbs (so far). Touch wood touch wood...

he then brought me to the road, and soon i found myself driving around St 62, Ave 9, St 63 and St 64. The experience is different; i got bullied by experienced drivers, especially taxis. The road experience was alright, except for the bend from St 64 back to driving centre. Either i was too fast, or my turning was kns.

he said lane changing is heavily emphasized by SSDC. I agree with him, and don't wish to harm others by changing lanes irresponsibly. So i must get it right quickly.


- improve on turning at sharp bends, avoid crossing onto next lane
- only change lane after checks are done (this is a poor habit of mine that refuses to go away)
- look over shoulder, really.


Cross Road Pedestrian said...

only change lane after checks are done

-tips: go once its sufficiently safe. no one will give way to you if you are slow since no one likes a road block ahead of them

zhiming said...

the 2 instructors i have noticed i steer towards the other lane when i was checking blind spot. To them it's unacceptable leh, one even said

"if you turn before checking it's too late cuz you bang (into others) already"

oversteering is also a problem during lane change... have to practice to steer right.

driving is so so so headache. Yet it's fun to hit the circuit and the roads. lol...