Wednesday, October 1, 2008

many issues at work

1. timing. Since this is the 84571298 times it happened, i think it's useless to talk about it. I just hope people can be more tactful, more mindful of mutual respect. It's very ugly to see a seemingly kind person, then turn out to be not-so below the table.

2. responsibility for a lost item. I'm most likely to take responsibility for an item that was appeared to be issued and received by me. The problem is, the item is nowhere to be found (and the system still states x borrowed it). The circumstances on that day was different, because a temp staff was at the helpdesk. There are many things i cannot say here, because it will affect her reputation. I blame it on my short term memory, which i couldn't confirm that i received the item from x. But 2.5 months is rather difficult for anyone doing such jobs to recall. I have probably received more than 500 items in this period.

i accept this responsibility wholeheartedly, but there is a problem - no enforcement on the loan system. For example, y can borrow items for as long as possible, even though the system prompts and prompts via email. Say if management decides to recall all items borrowed out, i'm very sure every colleague of mine will have to accept responsibilities. Because x, y or z will insist they have returned their items, and say a, b or c received it. There's almost no proof to confirm it, although i won't say how here.

if you still don't get what i mean by responsibility, it means pay. Pay for the loss.

unfortunately, i'm the one to be put on the chopping board first. Me being helpless is an understatement. $1000 bucks may be out of my pocket soon. If i hear i'm rich or anything along this line at work, be very sure i'll be very nasty in my reply. If on friendly terms, i'm cool with it. But otherwise, no. I'm after all still a student with finances to manage. What i spend on is my business. You may spend on this, but i don't. I run my life, i don't attempt to run yours. So don't attempt to run mine by giving me hints or instructions.

more ever, i don't have the privilege to use certain government property as my own. Of course, i have to buy them for my own usage.

3. deflection of arrows. I thought this only existed in army, now i get it at work. This really made my day.

4. a task that went over time. I thank my student TSOs who did their best. It's their very first time setting up half a lab in 2-3 hours. Not easy, because it's not just about connecting wires together. Any tom, dick or harry can hook up in that case. The school's standard is beyond that.

on hindsight i should have foreseen they couldn't finish on time. I believe these people need recognition for their efforts, getting their hands dirty for the school. Especially GY who stayed to help although he wasn't paid. Plus Richard who stayed with me till midnight to find the missing item, but no avail.

it's no good to have pent up frustration. So i'm letting them go here.

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Cross Road Pedestrian said...

chill dude, be more careful with these.... underlying.. despicable rats.. the next time i guess, this time round just damn unfortunate.