Thursday, September 25, 2008

driving #2

my second lesson just now, coincidentally it was with Mr Raup too. I'm comfortable with his instruction, so no problem. The car is different now, lucky number 116.

learnt turning right, which is roughly the same except for the turning radius. Also, accurate stopping behind the white line.

the concept of blind spot was introduced to me. But to coordinate the turning with mirror and blind spot checking is quite tough. Also taught lane changing and lane discipline. Not a very knowledge intensive session, but the coordination is not easy to master.

made a few small mistakes, but was quite serious for the actual test - didn't adjust rear mirror during pre-drive check (2), didn't put on seatbelt after the tutorial on accurate stopping (4). Of course, he warned that failure to check mirror/blind spot when turning out from minor road (immediate failure).

had a small incident though. Unlucky number 90 went too fast when going through a bend, overshot onto my lane in the opposite direction. Lucky i was not so near when it happened. I think it was her first lesson though. But i made it a point to steer further away from that car whenever it came towards me from the opposite direction =x

some takeaways, as usual.

- when checking blind spot, really turn and check, keep steering wheel straight
- only execute lane change after checking blind spot
- don't oversteer when lane change

- apply for turning and lane change

- above small mistakes

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