Thursday, September 25, 2008

goodbye, my lenovo

finally sold it off. My ultraportable and sturdy Thinkpad x60s, with the good old IBM logo.

the Fujitsu works fine, it's faster, have bigger screen estate. But the weight can never be compared to the former. Plus the quality of the built.

anyway, the buyer was a nice guy. He said he was getting it for his younger sister for her studies, while i showed him all the receipts, manuals, discs, accessories etc. There is still 10 months warranty, so i will be on hand to help in RMA if there is.

In memory of my first and only Thinkpad...

for those interested to get Lenovo laptops, beware - only Thinkpad models can be serviced at the IBM Changi Business Centre. That place has one of the best technical service and support around, since ThinkPads cater to mainly business users. And it's IBM, not Lenovo. For how long, i think until mid 2010 only.

for example, i sent in my faulty battery to Lenovo (IBM) service centre in my campus. I remembered my friend saying that his colleagues from Changi is assigned to the campus service centre, rotated periodically.

4 hours later, the new battery is already at NUS.

the IdeaPad and 3000 series are supported by another service centre at Bukit Timah. The service is terrible, according to a number of people who tried them. You can't bring these laptops to IBM/Changi - they will reject it.

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Mockingbird said...

Nokia sucks ever since they started to manufacture their handsets in China. But the same fate doesn't seem to have fallen on IBM after it's taken over by China's Lenovo, though.