Sunday, August 24, 2008

ayam penyet ria, c. nai hong kong cafe, coastal park connector

giving a mega update since i'm just back from a strenuous walk. It was darn strenuous, more on this later.

tried a well known indonesian restaurant at Lucky Plaza on friday evening. The highlight is smashed chicken, which we tried. Plus my favourite tahu, but it's made differently over here. The chilli is the same - overpowering. The chendol provided some relief to the heat.

another fellow blogger commented on the chicken - too dry. But it's the way the chicken should be done, so there are no complaints from me.

The table next to us

The nice spread

had the opportunity to try mooncakes really early too. It is from Cherry Garden.

My niece was excited about it

Clockwise from top left -
Double yolk, pu-er with chocolate, tie guan yin with chocolate and champagne

had some adventurous fun just now, by taking the Sentosa cable car for the first time. There was some uneasiness because my friend was scared of heights. My presence didn't help much either (i'm naughty).

Raining lah.

Harbourfront Cruise Centre

Looks worn

adding on to the adventurous streak, i proposed having dinner at C. Nai HK cafe (师奶茶餐厅), the East Coast branch. It's really better to drive here than to take a bus and find the right stop. The food is nice, ambience pleasant. They are open from 6pm to 3am.

C. Nai or Shi Nai

A page from their menu

Bo Lo Bun, complimentary serving (i ate 1 before taking this shot)

Macau Spicy Seafood fried rice

Carrot cake, XO sauce

Portugese style Mixed Mushrooms

left this cafe with good impression and value, hope to try other branches.

now it's time to talk about the most adventurous thing - walking from the cafe (East Coast Road) through ECP areas C, D, E, F, G and H and the Coastal Park Connector to Changi Beach Park.

WALK. mrbrown cycled through the area, and now i understood why he did that.

why do i say so? We walked and walked, saw hundreds, if not thousands of lamp posts, bbq pits, croaking frogs, at least 20 aircraft taking off. It ended well too excitingly - we walked 18.3km (according to excluding Changi Beach Park. The latter was dropped because i couldn't feel my legs already.

since we couldn't move any further, we stopped at a junction between Changi Coast Road and Changi Ferry Road. The place is really a 鸟不生蛋 place. Called the 65521111 hotline, yet no Comfort cabs were found in the area. Luckily, 65558888 (SMRT) was better - a nice new cab came in 10 mins.

the good out of this excrutiating walk was the observation of planes taking off in stages, from the runway, engine acceleration, lift-up and full take-off. From 11.30pm to 1.30am, countless planes took off. Lost count of everything.

We walked this distance FROM ECP (that excludes Area C,D,E,F,G and H)

Er.... still another 0.75km to go.

The total distance was beyond this signage.

Had to book a cab from this building. ALPS AVE.

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