Friday, August 22, 2008

korean food - togi

had korean food with my classmates today. Location? Mosque Street in Chinatown. Ironically, we were having korean food along a muslim related street in a traditionally chinese town.

i paid the most - $30. I paid $10 more, since i ordered a plum drink ($4) and my bean paste seafood soup was $15.50. A whopping $6 more than the ramen. It was a restaurant, thus the price was around the standard mark. But i feel i could get more value with my favourite Simlim stall.

This is the signboard. Opposite is CTC Travel

The appetizers including the usual kimchi. The latter is less sour than the simlim counterpart.

My friend's seafood ramen

We shared BBQ pork dish. The staff came to cook for us.

My bean paste seafood soup. $15.50+$0.50 for rice. I feel it was overpriced.

even was the recruitment talk at NUS Business School. There was an administrative problem where SoC students didn't get registered into the reservation system. Thus, i had no name tag. The crowd was unbelievable too, the whole LT was full of unemployed people. Many of us had to sit along the aisle.

there was a year 1 student who asked a question at the end. I truly felt his presence was unnecessary, because he still has 4 years to go. Asking why Citibank had this or that policy is just inappropriate - it is a recruitment talk, for god's sake. Don't be a smartie and show off your eloquency and knowledge of financial affairs at the wrong time, dude.

Full of unemployed talents

And... yes. The brimming crowd.

in the buses world, i read another SMRT bendy bus caught fire in Marsiling. It was reported in Shin Min, then scanned into SGforums. The trailer section which houses the engine was badly burnt, including parts of the windows and ceiling. From the damage, SMRT may have to scrap it. However, they may reconstruct the bus due to severe bus shortages throughout their depots.

according to past sources, the bendy buses burnt were:

- TIB 900K (2001, scrapped)

- TIB 1110S (2003, burnt from head to toe. Scrapped, and it burnt so badly near the present RP site, that the bus stop beside it was gone too)

- TIB 1118X (2007, slight burns outside NUS SDE, repaired)

- TIB 1063U (2008, last 2-3 rows of seats burnt away, reconstructed and back to revenue service)

- TIB 1113J (2008, reported to have caught fire recently)

- TIB 1105H (this current case)

there is something obviously wrong with the maintenance and fire prevention design. During the last breakdown i witnessed, there were 2 fire extinguishers mounted internally, that are designed to douse fires in the engine compartment. The extinguishing agent is channeled through tubes lined across the fanbelts, etc. In burning cases like the current case, the extinguishers failed in their purpose.

it's interesting to note these points:

- The burnt bendy buses use the ZF 4-speed gearbox, instead of Voith.

- The same burnt ones had gear slippage in the past, but repaired. So far gear slippage problems are limited to ZF gearboxes. Voith gearboxes will simply stop working in the worse scenarios.

- May be a batch problem (as seen by their registration plates), so better maintenance in terms of monitoring and frequency is needed. Otherwise these buses become burning chariots again and again.


Cross Road Pedestrian said...

Darn! Go outside eat good food lor.. I stay in campus lor.. !@#$%^

And yes, that (duh!) business school student has no place there at all, he obviously just wanted to show off. He did not think carefully what he wanted to ask neither did he structured his words confidently. His unnecessary hesitation was a major turn off, I left before he could finish his sentence.

zhiming said...

next time jio u ok. Hahaha...

I didn't even hear him properly due to the faulty mike. If he hesitated then it's really a show stopper. Anyway he should not have attended in the first place. Well, he may have rationale for doing so, but we all know university students are more thick-skinned and are bent on twisting their reasons to suit the purpose.

oops, i forgot i'm a university student too! lol...

Cross Road Pedestrian said...

Hope I don't need to see another of this during the next talk on Monday.