Tuesday, August 26, 2008

SingTel acquires SCS

- source: New NCS-SCS 'a force' in Singapore

we see another local acquisition, which i can safely say left hand buying right hand.

Computer Systems Holdings, a subsidiary of NCS, which in turn is owned by SingTel, has acquired 60% of SCS from Green Dot Capital (another local firm). SCS is expected to be fully taken over and delisted subsequently. The benefits to the telecom giant has been highlighted in the news article, so i shall not list them.

what does this mean for the current employees and potential job seekers of both companies? There might be job duplication, so what happens next will be a good guess. A deeper guess - while SCS is taken over by NCS, it doesn't mean job restructuring goes in a single direction, as you read. There are implications for the IT services market, which we can only tell when the takeover is completed.

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