Saturday, July 12, 2008

southern ridges II

this is a sequel to my first visit to the ridges in june. Instead of starting from NUS, we started from Harbourfront instead. So it was essentially a reverse of my previous path.

some new sights discovered, new perspectives of the places.

My breakfast - i didn't know of the M on the bread, which is actually a pancake..nice.

Marang Trail

Hua Ba Shan

Poor bino.

HDB estates looked dark with the strong sunlight

Jewel Box and cable cars

Henderson Waves, from the other end

Look at the clouds

Group photo

Diamond advertisement

Forest walk


Your dream eco home

HortPark is also called PedePark.

my 2nd breakfast and lunch were yong tau foo. Too much of anything is no good, i must remember!

so tired....

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