Sunday, July 13, 2008

梁丽芳 and 蔡佩璇

i talk about 蔡佩璇 (cai pei xuan) first, cause' i like her more.

remember 肉骨妹? She first appeared on screen during Star Search 2003, Malaysia. Didn't really made it big then, but now she is. She's a 1981 baby, celebrating her 27th soon.

a looong post in the forum about her.

Rou Gu Mei with Dawn and her knife

now, 梁丽芳 (tiffany leong). She looks good, but not as good as 佩璇. The latter is so cheerful, maybe the screen character(s) helped her. Not much information about her.

both of them are acting in Fallen Angels, ch8 weekends 7pm. If you watch closely, they look like sisters.

佩璇 and 丽芳

lastly, some information here about 陈泓宇 (shaun chen). He's actually 30! Now wondering how people look younger nowadays. Chicken chop is also 30, yet he doesn't look his age too.

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