Thursday, June 5, 2008

feeling not so good

i'm feeling lousy on and off since the start of this week. It's due to a confluence of factors (this sentence satirically borrowed from the MSK ministerial statement). Let's examine some of them.

- sometimes, don't understand what is being taught in the SAP course. Some people in the classroom turn me off too. Need to start a fire to burn the papers, maybe i'd need wooden shoes too.

- stack of letters on my table. I burned all of them downstairs my block.

- someone. Not going to elaborate.

- not being able to attend a farewell dinner. I think i'm powerless to change my night duty, so i'm angry with myself.

the 2nd point was bullshit.

the 3rd point mattered to me the most actually. I understand stubbornness is the word, but...

as for the 4th point, shall treat my absence as saving money (those present, pay more, not my fault since it wasn't my choice to not turn up).

i think i sounded very blunt in this post. Even you mind, do you think i care?

off to sleep.

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