Saturday, June 7, 2008

course progress

we just finished week 2 of the SAP course. It's almost complete because there are only 3 more chapters to complete, out of 15. Next week will be less intensive, because there are only 2 days before the course goes into revision mode. WX is covering the last few chapters, a first experience of its kind. Imagine a friend being your instructor. But we are professional students too alright =p

Dozing off...

the revision will be tough. ERP systems are hard to learn, in particular learning preconfigured business processes. But it's helpful in one way or another.. in future.

School of Computing, or School of Moth?

there were 2 similar looking moths outside our seminar room. 1 was "pasted" onto a noticeboard for 4 days, its cousin/sibling/whatever appeared on the above signboard on the 4th day. Both disappeared today, i think.

This nasi lemak stall is UP!

i ate at engineering's Technoedge for the first time. It's a milestone! And tried the famous nasi lemak stall. It's good because of the curry and chicken. The basic plate costs only $2.80.

my keyboard failed on me few days ago. The . and ] couldn't work. So i swapped in my spare Microsoft Comfort Curve keyboard. Guess what? The 2 keys worked, but my Insert/Page up/Home/arrow left and up went dead. Now two nice paperweights. Time to get a new one, but will just get a cheapo one. Found that i abuse my keyboards a lot....

this weekend seems busy. The coming week is even busier - PC Show 2008 is coming, and i'm helping myself and friends to make purchases of >$1.5k. Will be fun looking at people spend money.

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