Saturday, June 7, 2008

first time visit - pulau ubin + chek jawa

for the first time in 24 years ++, i set foot on Ubin. BUT the weather wasn't good, and today's rain was much longer than any other days recently. No regrets still...

chek jawa references:

- Chek Jawa (NUS)
- Tide information (tides should be low during your visit, to view the marine life on the seabed)
- Map to CJ, high resolution

we met at 8am, but i was late. So, we only started our breakfast at 8.30am. Then made our way down to the chaotic ferry terminal at 9am. By the time we reached CJ by foot, it was 11am. The tide was the lowest at 7.35am, highest at 2.56pm. 11am was still too late to view exciting stuff in CJ, namely the Coral Rubble, Seagrass Lagoon and Sandbar. Shall go back another time at the lowest tide possible...

although we missed out the greatest attractions in CJ, we're more familiar with Ubin now.

Our breakfast - Ipoh hor fun!

Look at the weather... shucks.

Welcome to UBIN!

Info Centre. But we skipped it and turned left...

Chose to walk. Reason... hehe.

Da Bo Gong

ZW went to buy 4D after the trip.

We followed a small road near the temple

And led us to Jln Ubin. The start of the trek

Everywhere were trees

Belatok Hut - catch a breath along Jln Ubin

My tummy!

Nice house

Split road - Jln Durian or Jln Sam Heng? Take the durian.

No durians seen, maybe due to the rain

Kelichap Hut - an important point

The road changes into clay and mud after Kelichap

Finally, reached the last hut before CJ

Didn't realise i donated blood until ZW told me

Your adventure starts in either of the 3 - we took the Jetty route 1st

Very nice tudor house built in 1930s - most decent building in Ubin

Inside the tudor house is an information centre

Went backwards, went onto Coastal Boardwalk

This is the map


Rocky shores

The tide needs to be very low in order for the rubble to be seen...

A guided tour, but cannot go down because of the tide...

Another nice area, but completely submerged when we were there

Coastal BW is linked with the mangrove counterpart

Mangrove area - not very pleasing to nose...

Mangrove trees on both sides most of the time

Many creatures can be seen here

Jelawi Tower - go up, feel the sensation while at the top

Great view, not too hot too

Fig tree is even taller - "rong shu"

Came back to jetty via a van - too boring for a walk back

Ate lunch here

Taste was rather disappointing - damage was $38.40, quite alright

Ferry back... bye Ubin...

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