Monday, May 12, 2008

moving to Windows Vista

finally i made the move. Which i feel was overdue, cause' i was using Windows XP since it's RC2 beta days.

the reason for the move is mainly the rollout of service pack 1 for Vista, which i feel more or less ironed out major bugs. Then another reason being, i can better advise peeps on their upgrade options with Vista in mind. It's safe to say, Vista will be gaining mass market acceptance this year. Soon, everyone will be moving on no matter the amount of complaints, incompatibilities, etc.

before the move, was 1-2 days of preparation.

- updated my installation discs by the technique of slipstreaming, which integrates service packs and updates into the core files. It's faster and i've been doing it for many years without problems.

- for my desktop, i had to merge 2 partitions because of Vista disk space requirements (20GB was used up for me). For my laptop, i replaced the 60GB hard disk with a 250GB screamer.

- update all other collection of hardware drivers, utilities and software to latest versions.

with all the preparation, the migration was considered successful. But 4 pieces of hardware were made obsolete since Vista refused to support them - my webcam, AIO's scanner, radio card and Microsoft bluetooth mouse. The webcam and radio card are with me for many many years... sigh.

despite so busy with these techy stuff, still had the chance to lunch with I on sat, and Gy and his girl just now.

I want to "visit" Singapore soon... Chek Jawa, Changi Boardwalk, Treetop walk and Henderson Waves+Alexandra Arch!!!!

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