Friday, May 9, 2008

exam #3, exam #4 - the end of this sem

exams ended on wednesday. Didn't blog until now cause' i wanted to scan in and blog about my helpsheets, in particularly for the management module.

Full of math formula, examples on the other side

Microscopic words, had to take the exam without wearing glasses

people who saw the 2nd helpsheet had only words of surprise. lol...but it saved 3 lives. Mine, zw and steve's. In only a few hours to spare for the exam (math paper was 5-7pm, management paper was 9am the next morning), we split the whole textbook of 15 chapters up into 3. Then summarised in max 1 page per chapter. Compiled into 1 double sided sheet of 8 pages/side.

because the paper was mainly testing on key terms and wordings, the helpsheet really helped.

amazing eh?

then after the last paper, it was work. After that, went down to the usual place to have my korean meal and bought 4 hard disks (2 * 250GB, 1 * 320GB and 1 *500GB) worth $433. All these not my property though. With 2kg of metal, going home was the only next option... had a can of beer and dozed like a pig for hours.

then just now was still work. But spent an hour or so scrubbing the internal organs of my aircon after getting home. Just done with it:

Your aircon appears to be clean? Look into the inside...

an airconditioner is the same as a fan. Other than giving out cooler air, the rest is the same - in terms of dirt. If i'm a technician, will gladly rip that fan blower out and bring it to the toilet for a good wash. Actually, this aircon system is already 2 years old. Time to ask Gain City for system maintenance, but not cheap.

now will be some reading on Vista. Gonna finally migrate to Vista for my laptop and PC, but as a techy person i gotta read up on the background information 1st. Plus slipstreaming service packs into Windows XP, Vista (yeah) and Office.

slacking time is here. boohoo...

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