Friday, April 25, 2008

sichuan steamboat @ arts deck

went to school to mug today. Steve asked me what time i'd reach. So i told him 1.30pm. By the time i really reach the basement, it's 3.30pm =x

he understandably wasn't surprised, and was prepared to go on it alone. So my lateness really stinks... sigh. Ting Whye came by just before dinner.

dinner was the famous $5 steamboat at FASS deck. The last and first time i had it was during the CS3214 hell week, nov 6 2007. Based on the difference in pictures, the amount of meat, veggie, crab meat etc kinda dropped. So i mentioned to steve about it, and he felt it too. Both of us became.... sian 1/2. Ting Whye found it alright, because it was his first try.

The usual queue after 4pm


Magnify a bit, my phone camera sucks

THEN - Nov 2007

went back to study. Then, we got distracted and started talking about cars, about the high prices recently.

moses got his mazda 3 in 2006 at around $50k with extra accessories, now it's $10k more. The new Toyota altis is at $80k mark. So i decided, stick with honda jazz or fit. Difficulty will be to finance the car. Try to finance it myself, or share with my brother...

parents? Nono, leave their money alone. If i have to use their money, then i won't get a car in the first place...

Honda fit 2008

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