Sunday, April 27, 2008

yet another day passes...

had quite an interesting encounter yesterday. Was having lunch in cwp foodcourt when a guy came, asked whether the table beside me is empty. So i said yes, and he sat down.

but he was lifting both his hands up like a doctor drying his hands. As i ate, he began to use his handphone aiming at me, the juice bar beside me, etc. So i kept looking elsewhere. Spoilt my lunch, and i think this phrase fit the guy best:

"er dao ban ming!!!"

then, had the 3rd apple pie in this week...


Where is this?

mouth was itchy for this, so after studying, i took mrt from airport to bedok. Yummy... called $4 plate. But had to wait for 20 minutes, cause' the uncle prepares the orders in 'batches'. Then bought the pineapple drink across the hawker. It's pure satisfaction....!

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