Monday, April 7, 2008

IT day

sunday was an IT day.

My shrimps were working all over my tank, including the water surface..

went browsing at Funan, finally bought a decent hard disk casing with one touch button backup. My love remains with Sarotech for their Cutie line. Fitted my spare 60GB IBM Travelstar from my Thinkpad, then the IntelliStor software did the backup job quite well.

The box

For a decent price too, the package won me over

then gy called me to ask about laptops. Discussed with him about his selection, Dell XPS M1330 for an hour! Because i recommended him Sony Vaio SZ series, for about $300 more. Then we did lots of comparison between these 2 and a couple of brands. I think he will end up with the Dell, but i'd would prefer Sony (who don't, lol).

Dell is getting serious this time - 1.7kg XPS at $1999

It's a Sony - SZ series, 1.9kg. Price? $2499

If i have the moolah, i'm taking this - Sony TZ series, calling at $2999.
But the CPU is kinda underpowered...