Tuesday, April 8, 2008


this week is the last week before the poly term starts.

expectedly and unexpectedly, there had to be a "warm up" exercise for the heavier night shifts ahead. A student vandalised a piece of wall, so i decided to help the guys track the bugger down quickly. From my past experience, the longer such things are left to be, the lesser the chances of 'solving' the case is.

i find my night shifts to be extremely exciting since 2 years ago. There is always something memorable every year... lol..

[added]but on a more serious note, perhaps for this incident the club exco should deviate from using corporal punishments or shaming the culprit, but find out the reasons behind the vandalism (be it personal or club related). A forgiving yet firm response echoed out will set the record straight for those who think they can break the rules without getting caught. Without affecting the image of the leadership as well...

20 days to exam. Focus... focus...

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