Monday, March 24, 2008


sometimes i just hate my body. It's as unpredictable as me.

actually, i knew why my body revolted. But... better not to say. Only kay and simon knows. The critical turning point was on thursday night, when i ate something too explosive. At the wrong time.

on friday, we kayaked. The sun was blazing hot. Real hot for comfort. I preferred the gentle sunlight, not the ultra strong ones. Looked at Cosy Bay in shock - it closed down. Hope singles or couples who spent happy moments there cherished their time.

then in quick succession i went AMK Hub to buy the dry cabinet for this birthday boy. Was already feeling unwell, but kinda pressed on. Aunt came my house, and we dined together before i accompanied her to interchange and went up Cwp to see a doctor.

got home, my body finally gave up. Was so weak and running a high fever. But on sat, had to send some items for tutorial. Gathered all remaining strength i had, braved the crowd on the buses and trains. I looked like a man on drugs on the way back home - fidgeting and trembling. At least i got my job done, didn't want to be labeled as irresponsible or something.

the rest of sat and sun were stuck on the bed. Nothing much i can do...

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