Saturday, March 29, 2008

a young life suddenly left alone

this week ended with news of a serious car accident that deprived a young infant of her slightly elder brother and worse of all, her parents.

most of us were born into life with at least our parents beside us. No matter how times could be so bad to you or me, at least there is our sibling(s) and parent(s). I cannot imagine how the infant girl is going to spend her remaining life wondering why everyone left her this early. The mere thought of it is just so painful, let alone the actual person who bored the losses, yet could not comprehend what happened until years later.

look at the wreckage. A car can actually be a life taker, a life taker that snubs out anybody's lives no matter how colorful, enriching or happy the persons are at the moment in time. Yet there are people who wantonly treat their cars like Daytona racing machines, racing machines that emphasizes their personal ego, fame, and have absolute control over. Or so, they thought.

the utter truth is that these bastards are endangering lives of others. If you want to die, go ahead. But not many road accidents happen without dragging some innocent users in.

as usual, nothing is painful until the pain is felt personally. Human beings are always hypocritical. We pretend to say something to make ourselves feel good, but when shit hits the fan we become extremely incapable to handle the truth. We cry out loud, we perform the blame game, we are filled with utmost regret - it shouldn't have happened initially. It is a vicious cycle.

when operating a killer machine, we wouldn't want to feel the pain to feel our hearts. It's simply too late. For friends who are driving, please don't be complacent on the road. For friends who are not driving and yet are aware of an over-confident driving friend, it's good to provide some advice as a concerned friend. Recent statistics showed 30% of the fatal accidents involved young drivers. Look at yourself - we are in our mid twenties, at our peak in our youthful lives. Some of us are finishing studies, some of us are getting married, some of us are earning big bucks. The years ahead seem bright and unlimited.

it will only take a serious accident to change this landscape into a nightmare that will bring nothing good but regret and financial problems to immediate family members.

This picture said much of the grief.

What do you see, a car or a grave?

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