Monday, March 17, 2008


some random post about my life.

fish tank
last week, something happened to my fish tank again. The electronic solenoid that controlled the output of carbon dioxide broke. It still could turn itself on and off via the digital timer, but the output continued to release the gas into my reactor when the timer shuts off. Hate to dismantle the whole setup and bring it down to Balestier. sheesh.

then the air pump got weakened so much that my tank's water surface got too calm and now, too choked with carbon dioxide. Wonder what my fishes are thinking in the current condition. This is no good....

a forgotten promise... an unexpected incident
then met up with yx, to deliver the PC i promised to do since ages ago. I really mean ages ago. Then i heard that she threw her temper at him because of something i said. I don't know why, but this (still) mattered to me greatly and sadly, i'm disappointed. I don't wish to bother myself with this anymore, and i doubt you will take note of it anyway.

selamat datang

MKS is affecting my household now. My bro just came back from brunei and 2 days off burnt. Why? Deployment to search for him. In the name of National Service.

tests and more tests (surveys and more surveys)
the past week was concentrated on 2 tests - 1 from school, the other from school too. Driving school.

did 2 surveys in biz school, as a requirement for my MNO module. It's fun, but i don't really get the meaning behind. In one of the tests, i had to put my palm under the table while i do the survey. Strange?

dollars and cents
met up with Hadassah last week regarding my financial review. I'm pretty fine in the protection with a few policies, and she knows it too. She proposed two more plans to increase my savings and invest in unit trusts. But that will require quite a bit of my savings, which i'm not really keen too. But i understand her intentions - if i don't start now, it's hard to do it later. And the money will be useful in future.

but i have a new intention - to finance a really big purchase in 2009. Maybe i'll go ahead with the investment, but postpone the savings plan for now.

back to the theory test. Now that the basic is over, i'm ready for advance. In the poly days, i've postponed everything, including the theory tests because i really can't afford them. But i told myself this: when i finally start learning, i wouldn't want to stop at that piece of "Singapore Driving Licence" plastic. Good friends will know my intention =)

i told my bro, from now this "dream" at the back of my head will be shifted into higher gear. He smiled. I shall hope for the best. Haha...

when i replied a girl called jewelry at the printer room, her face was flushed! Can see the change! Omg... lol... hope she's not reading my blog.

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