Wednesday, December 26, 2007

hong kong december 2007 - day 4

day 4 (21st) - Sheung Wan, Central, Wan Chai, Causeway Bay
an extremely stressful day on the knees – walked for 11 hours from Sheung Wan to Causeway Bay! Had a rather expensive dimsum breakfast at London Restaurant at HKD200. But it's nice, especially their siu mai and har gao.

London Restaurant - Dao Hiang

MTR shuttled us down. Sheung Wan is somewhat like the stretch between Chinatown and Tanjong Pagar. We browsed Wing Lok Street. Lots of shops selling birds nest, dried scallops, etc. Somewhat like our local dried goods market near Raffles Hospital. At Western Market, I unexpectedly found the shop selling bus models, the 80M Bus Model Shop! Too bad there were only HK bus models available. Next was Possession Street (the place where Britain colonizes HK), Hollywood St (Antiques), Cat and Ladder Streets. Finally took a rest at SoHo where we settled for doughnuts from KrispyKreme.

Sheung Wan MTR

Wing Lok

80M Bus Model Shop


after loading ourselves with doughnuts, we went a little backward to look at Goods of Desire. Bought a souvenir, although they said it would be odd to give people that =x I'm still thinking of buying a cushion with a cover full of metallic studs as well. Hmm... took a walk towards Raffles Place-like Central, with skyscrapers such as Standard Chartered, HSBC, ICBC/Citibank Towers, Bank of China Tower, etc. Wanted to go up the Peak, but the queue was simply too long due to the large amount of visitors. So went on and headed for Wan Chai on foot.

Getting lost is common now...even for a 2nd time visitor

Hennessy Road along Wan Chai – lots of trolley buses. Went to browse 2 computer centers – Wanchai Computer Center and 298 Computer Center. Found my long-lost Thermalright HR05 chipset cooler for HKD180, bought it without much hesitation =x

Asus EEE PC - notice the price

then we continued on to Causeway Bay. Wanted to try Itamae Sushi, but couldn’t find it at Excelsior Plaza (there were 2 Excelsiors buildings). Got irritated by the huge Christmas crowd thronging the streets, gave up and settled for a simple meal. But had excellent desserts at Xu Liu Shan (Hui Lau Shan) and Yee Shun Milk; mango and milk based puddings and stuff.

Simple meal; Itamae Sushi couldn't be found :(

Mango ecstasy at Xu Liu Shan


Yee Shun Milk - Milk pudding. Hmm...

before leaving Tung Lo Wan, picked up fresh supplies of the HK map from HKTB, then went to Wan Chai again via MTR, went to Tsim Sha Tsui by Star Ferry, then back to Mongkok to slack and rest.

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