Wednesday, December 26, 2007

hong kong december 2007 - day 3

day 3 (20th) - Fort Monte, Macau --> HK, Causeway Bay
promised to wake up at 7.30am, but got up at 8.30am instead. Had a mee/ham breakfast before going to Fort Monte, then Ruins of St. Pauls. Did last minute shopping at Koi Kei and Choi Heung Yuen for almond cake pasteries before returning to hotel and check-out. Then bid goodbye to Macau as we left via the Macau Ferry Terminal on the 2.00pm flight. Note – even if you have big luggage you’re not required to use the luggage check-in service, which is separately handled by another company for an extra HKD20! No wonder the lady kept asking me to try.

Fort Monte

The famous Ruins of St. Paul

Angela's Cafe at New Yaohan -
DELICIOUS sandwiches, miles ahead of Delifrance

Filling meal

Tri Cat? Flying Cat? Jetfoil? Chim

arrived at HK-Macau Ferry Terminal, next to Shun Tak Building in Sheung Wan. My Octopus card from the last trip still had value, so I just hopped onto the MTR to Mongkok, to check-in to Ah Shan Hostel. The difference between a hotel and hostel lies between the size, room services and facilities, and location. Ah Shan Hostel is in Sincere House, which is only a street across Ladies Street. I got the upper deck bed L There’s only the space between the double decker and single decker, plus the passageway to the toilet. The toilet is really simple, no bathtub or superior flower-head water spray. But there’s broadband internet and self service to bottled water. Dinner and a brief walk at Causeway Bay and Wan Chai before heading back to sleep.

Hostel room

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