Wednesday, December 26, 2007

hong kong december 2007 - day 5

day 5 (22nd) - Central, Lantau Island, Tung Cheng (Citygate Outlets), Mongkok (Langham Place)
the plan was this: wake up earlier to go to Central for Mak's Noodle, then up the Peak, followed by a train to Tung Cheng, to take a bus to Lantau Island. But two hiccups occurred -

- woke up at 8+, ready at 9.30am (late)
- Mak's noodle is only open at 11am!!! Argh... can't fulfill my wish.

Mak's Noodle opening hours: 1100-2000hrs

Replacement makan on the spot - Tsim Chai Kee

settled for a noodle restaurant opposite Mak's noodle, then went touring round the Li Yuen Streets East and West. Nothing much, but ladies looking for bags must visit. Passed by DBS to draw money before going to Tung Cheng via Hong Kong MTR.

Our common fund expenses (for eating, etc) shot through the roof.

as the Cable Car system at Tung Cheng to Giant Buddha is down due to a non-fatal yet serious accident months ago, we are only left with bus 23 to go up. It didn't disappoint; because i expected the bus ride to be jerky and slow. Yes it was, as the Izusu bus struggled at 1st gear when it went up the knolls, then went a little faster down hills. An auntie was throwing up after alighting from the bus =x

Back here

good news; the cable car will be back on service on 31st December 2007. Hopefully it will have no more reliability issues after.

it was my 2nd time visiting Giant Buddha, so nothing much to rave about. But this time, Wisdom Path was totally covered by clouds! I finally had the strength to walk up the peak of the Wisdom Path, and the air was really good. Imagine yourself in the middle of the clouds...


back to Tung Cheng - spent a total of HKD 1376 on shopping in Citygate Outlets:

1. a pair of Giordano basic denims (HKD120)
2. a pair of Levi's 701 (my first Levi's jeans) (HKD499)
3. a Nautica t-shirt (HKD174)
4. a pair of Timberland shoes (HKD483)

Fatal damage =x

the 2 other guys requested for shopping, yet they spent much lesser than me =x

dinner was supposedly Itamae Sushi along Soy Street, but once again we got lost!!! >.<

Langham Place - ladies' haven

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