Friday, October 26, 2007

NYP's syllabus outdated

just finished installing the latest version of Glassfish (Sun SAS v9.1) on my server - it's a notch up from v9.0. Together with Netbeans v5.5.1 the dice example seemed alright, although the latter was created in Netbeans v5.5.

after my exams i'd consider deploying the aHRM system on my server. I think it will be alright.

let us consider the release periods of EJB and .Net specifications:
- EJB 1.0: Mar 1998
- EJB 1.1: Dec 1999
- EJB 2.0: Aug 2001
- EJB 2.1: Nov 2003
- EJB 3.0: May 2006

- .Net 1.0: Jan 2002
- .Net 1.1: April 2003
- .Net 2.0: Nov 2005
- .Net 3.0: Nov 2006

why is NYP still using the 4 year old EJB 2.1 for instruction? SIT is supposed to be the latest in adopting new technologies; the use of EJB 2.1 is embarrassing. Back in 2002, i still remember the push to learn .Net although it was in 1.0 Beta. What has happened to the management now?

EJB 2.1 is outdated; i don't see the need for students to be learning it unless the aim is to support companies that are using older J2EE applications. Furthermore over at the .Net side, major project modules are already at .Net v2.0.

EJB 3.0 is way enhanced by removing the technicalities off programmers.

last year when i was reading CS2261, A/P Danny Poo was teaching us based on the EJB 2.1 spec. After that, he migrated the teaching materials to EJB 3.0 - the following book he published based on the new EJB spec is 50% thinner! That's a sign that EJB 2.1 is excessively laborious and induced much of the hair pulling last year.

those doing Jedev should boldly suggest to use a later EJB version - it saves you trouble and time understanding EJB 2.1. If the lecturer refuses, feedback the suggestion in course feedback system. Things have to change somehow. I shall find a chance to speak to somebody who can help me understand the rationale behind teaching an outdated module too.

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