Saturday, October 27, 2007

catty finding

we have been observing this cat yesterday and today. Apparently it has a liking for cockroaches! O.O

thurs night - getting comfy at the dustpan

he's back! fri night - so fierce sia

Yes, he was running after roaches. Even did somersaults to get this

The thur roach survived, unfortunately fri's did not.
Another corpse nearby

*AHH i'm tired of licking roaches. Back to zzz.*

the cleaning guys awarded him with a prawn on thurs night, while he was at the dustpan. However he kicked the prawn away because the shell was not peeled - so proud! The cleaner then deshelled it, and the cat confidently stood up on 2 legs to catch it from the air!


earlier on i was at simlim with zw, to have korean food. He wanted to look for his mouse, so he killed 2 birds with 1 stone. I'm interested to ask the stall owner about her nationality - she speaks perfect korean, yet perfect chinese too!

Yup this is the one i have been loving for since 2002

960 was jam packed. 2 even complained to driver.

whenever it comes to handling issues concerning her, i can't help being pessimistic. Maybe it's "once bitten, twice shy". Going by this phrase, what will be the third?


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