Friday, October 5, 2007

new purchases

this october i'm welcoming 2 new gadgets to my house! No, actually it's my computer table to be exact.

Remembering my outgoing monitor

Trading up to Dell 2707WFP from 2407WFP

Extinct Coolermaster Q Alloy keyboard

the monitor change was not planned - i saw someone who own a Dell 2707WFP wanting to trade down to a 2407WFP, which i was using. I thought of just making an offer of $300 to barter trade. Surprisingly he was cool with it, so we struck a deal. Thanks to Wenqun, he collected my monitor from my place as i was working just now. Then we met and went to the seller's place to do the deal.

the monitor is bigger (duh), and 2707WFP unfortunately does not tilt to portrait mode due to its size. So i had some difficulty fitting the cables on as my table is so cramped.

the keyboard was bought last weekend from Infocomm Funan. I was looking for a suitable keyboard, however didn't buy any because none of them attracted me. =x

then i saw the Coolermaster aluminium framed keyboard with laptop keys. Left Funan to go somewhere else, then went back to get it because i thought i shouldn't miss out on this. lolz...

saw Jianbo few days ago. He was showing me some papers that some students wrote during surveys. Can see that he's doing well in business. Hehehe...

over at NYP my colleagues setup a rat trap ever since the naughty rodents drank coffee last weekend. Traces of coffee powder went from the table to the exposed hole on the floor... how's that?

indeed the next day, a rat was caught! Vincent was describing it as a cute, fat, brown and clean rat!

Perhaps it looked like this.

just now chatted with Wenqun on this ratty find. Apparently the cage has to be washed and dried if the rat is drowned with it. Otherwise the rat will secrete a special scent that will alert its comrades not to come near.

hmm... i would like to catch one but don't want to release it. Not bad to have a rat sitting by at the helpdesk to play with. Then since we love to eat, we can always drop some mooncake or sotong bits to keep the rat happy.

*grin* =x

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