Wednesday, October 3, 2007

CS3214 first system release

finally it's over =)

no, not the entire system yet! We are still halfway through only!!!

our evaluator Wee Kek commented that we are on better track this time, compared to our system proposal presentation where we proposed only 6 modules. At least we have developed a proper framework at this time. He was more willing to call us the dark horse this time... muahaha. Other feedback shall be kept within the group for now.

of course we shall not take the positive words for granted. Gotta go for it...

after lunch at Buona Vista's fish head beehoon stall, zw and i went down to collect Jac's iriver. Finally have the time to collect it. Hopefully it will work, because there wasn't any battery left to test on the spot. Tomorrow i shall send in my pair of X800GTs to Ban Leong to change the hsf. Gotta act on these overdue stuff.

and if my deal goes through, my Dell 24 incher will part ways with me tomorrow. In return trading up to the 27 incher cousin. Looking forward to the swap...

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