Monday, October 1, 2007

box office

Gary's description of the current situation is oddly amusing - box-office. Few hours ago when i stepped into NYP, i was reminded by everybody (yes, even the cleaners who spotted me in the canteen) to pack up.

pack to where? Because i have a boxful of items, a PC, the smaller items went into a big box. The PC, working tools etc sat by its side. On a certain metal flooring in a cold room.

now i have a box-office.

From this coming Dec until i graduate, i was planning to work on software programming projects previously assigned to me. With the current situation, i may end up fixing bugs and doing coding together with my fellow friends, in the student labs. Why? Guess it yourself.

sheesh. I'm thrown around like a ball. Does it mean that when i have lesser time to get involved, i'm demoted to a mere football? Through this episode i seen the selfish nature of people. Simply revolting and unreasonable.

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