Saturday, September 29, 2007

Myanmar - the junta will fall eventually

i read with distaste the various reports of skirmishes in Myanmar.

when military forces go on a uncontrolled killing spree, it's inevitable that some innocent souls are punished by death or torture.

look at the japanese reporter Kenji Nagai in the video - it's as clear as day, that the soldier shot him down wantonly.

Kenji Nagai

various international news media has issued damning reports on the military rule in Myanmar - such as BBC, calling the generals being "brutal" and increasingly enriching themselves through corruption, while the commoners suffer from inflating costs.

while the USA have been very stern towards Burma, such as banning senior government officials from entering its states, the problem lies with China.

although China is the closest ally, she has refused to issue warnings. Over at CNN, the foreign ministry has only urged restraint. When Chen Shui Bian wants a referendum on UN membership in the name of Taiwan, Beijing flared up with threats of military force. This is utter selfishness as China is only interested in Myanmar's natural resources to forward its own interest, without taking into consideration of human rights of the Burmese.

Singapore is also into the limelight, as the top general Gen Than Shwe was cleared to visit our own SGH in January 2007. The Prime Minister Gen Soe Win has been seeking treatment for sometime here. It's an irony when our own Foreign Minister who is helming ASEAN, issues a stern statement to decry the brutal suppression when one of Myanmar's top echelon is watching TV from SGH wards.

the world is crazy. I don't think Mr Gambari (the UN envoy dispatched to Myanmar) can change anything. Because of China's interests. Plus India and probably Russia as well.

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