Saturday, September 29, 2007

mad rush these days...

once again it is my busiest period in studies - the recess week was totally burnt.

my 3rd aunt is down with dengue, my mum and i visited her on wednesday. Thank god she has been recovering from the bite, with her blood platelets steadily increasing. I met my cousin JW for the first time in at least 5 years. The last time i met him was when he passed me a Celeron and motherboard. That's how i gained the impetus to learn and constantly keep updated with hardware computing. Have to thank him for that =)

there was a missy in the ward that i found to be really familiar, but i couldn't recall where i met her. Eze heard from me regarding this as well.. lolz.

then thursday was the big day - the day where i took my first ippt after Ord in Dec 2005. At Maju FCC. Took it then because Waixin was taking as well, so being first-timers to NSmen ippt, why not have a companion =)

i thought the facilities would be good, since i heard so much. Oh man it is like a typical rundown camp. No showering rooms, even the toilet is like those coffeeshop ones.

and the sadder part was that i failed - even though i was mentally prepared for it. But i did badly for the 2.4km as well, clocking 11:22 only. Really chui.

I *LIKE* the last sentence - TRY HARDER NEXT TIME.........

hopefully after attempting ippt once, the blardy SMSes will stop. These messages have been getting really irritating...

after that we took 151 back to campus, where i showered at SRC and he went home. Then after that, i bought dinner for Kelvin, Wang Yu and myself. Then proceeded back to my favourite haunt. SoC1's PC Lab 1 (or 2) that is open 24x7.

didn't sleep a wink from 9pm to 9am - i was fully awake throughout the night. I had to finish my Security module. The First System Release for CS3214 is coming Tuesday, so diedie have to do. Besides this module, i have 1 more to do.

the biggest pain during the night was to translate the following sentence into program code -

"The entire HRM system is composed of processes. Relationship-wise, a process belongs to a module. A module has 1 or more processes. A process can be accessed by 1 or more departments. In turn, each department has 1 or more roles."

sounds easy right? My foot!!!

i took several hours to crunch the department and role relations into working code. Between 3-6am, i was working like a zombie. Luckily things worked without much fuss, because i had no energy to get angry also. At dawn, i managed to code 95% of my requirements, minus 5-8 bugs i discovered. So when i left at 8am, i was still missing the bugs and the crucial 5%.

went home to sleep, then rushed down in a cab at 1pm to meet CH for a review. Then 3-10pm was spent on killing bugs and finishing the 5%. Now it's almost complete, sans the group integration. The rest are staying in campus tonight. I have to say no, because i'm really tired out - imagine ippt+no sleep thereafter. I'm just a human being after all.

they say CS3214 is a nightmare. Yes it is.

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