Tuesday, September 25, 2007

rumour mill

before starting to say what the rumour is, wenqun and ting pls discuss your travel plans soon! My price wizard Kay is going to finalise bookings this/next week.

done a preliminary price search for hotels (versus my primary choice of hostels), found that it's twice the cost of my hostel for 6 nights. Hmm... undecided. Better to leave the decision to coming weekend where my schedule is less tight.

now the rumour. But i need to clarify; i don't know this couple well. The pair were DBI students, 4 years after my batch. The only time i meet them is to chase them out of the project room after closing hours. And given their motivation to stay back in school, i assume they are hardworking and one of the top few in DBI (yes, they are). After graduation, the girl went to one of the big 3 uni locally (the faculty is the only 1 out of 3 to display student photos), and the guy was conscripted to become a soldier.

just now i happened to chitchat with Gary, and heard that this couple has broke up. It couldn't be, because they were still together months ago. Gary had dinner with them weeks back and witnessed some heartwrenching scenes that i also thought so. You know, the kind of scenes where after a breakup one party will feel the loss, then wishes to regain the loss. The actions shown are therefore above the norm.

there are terrible theories as to why they broke up. Such as the guy outliving his usefulness in that period of her studies, thus the breakup. I hope it's not because of current studies that the girl made the decision. It appears to, according to my intelligence.

it's like neglecting your mum or dad for some other matter, and then crying over their loss when they depart from the world. No matter how hard one can cry, these loved ones simply are gone for good. If they are still alive, that person will lose confidence in you totally. No difference too.

in this case, the poor guy has to contend with getting back a lost love while struggling behind the green fences.

i admire the guy's spirit to press on, however when a person's mind is set, things are unlikely to rewind. Especially for girls.

hope this isn't a trend of "marriage of convenience".

appearing offline in msn is now my favourite. Just now i saw a disturbing personal message. I hope it's not intended for me, because i hate indirect messages, especially from the past year. No point for me to ask because i don't see the need to. Because you still carry that impression of yours.

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