Monday, September 24, 2007

weekend break and sombre CS3214 thoughts

recess week is coming! However, it's the first recess week where i'm going to spend most, if not all my time in school.

team synergy is quite alright. As usual i'm very fussy on the infrastructure, such as common helper functions and client-side validations if possible. The primary reason for choosing client-side is simply to relieve request-response stress on the server, which is very slow in the first place. Sun AppServer 9.0's speed is really a PITA. The secondary reason is its simplicity; given the goal of common helpers i mentioned earlier, there are less server-side codes to integrate.

although CH has mentioned he doesn't want superficial stuff, i would take it that he meant only in non-programming areas such as flowery reports or formal presentations. I believe he has heavy demands in the programming area. In my humble opinion, coding wise it is better to unify common helpers, both client/server side. 1st reason - this obviously shows teamwork - to reduce repetitive and duplication in trying to code (and test, debug these seemingly superficial stuff) small things that are going to be reused all over the place. 2nd reason - experience from the NYP-Agilent workflow project has done all these, and that being an industrial project; once again it is my opinion that we should attain a similar class.

despite these, there seems to be some opposition to this approach - some team members would want to code their own helpers, constants, etc. I shall keep my fingers crossed and won't wish to press for my way, although i trust my own foresight. Trust has to be earned =)

my firm belief is to balance all modules, meaning keeping in view of the CS2250 and CS3265 module. Thinking further, even if i manage an A/B for CS3214 and then flunk the rest by getting C/Ds, the 8 MC reward is useless, since it is used to balance the scale. And i'm not dropping any modules this semester, because it's counterproductive to be only taking 12/16 MCs workload just because of CS3214. Suffer even more later.

deep in my mind CS3265 project is a time bomb waiting to explode. Yet nobody has raised a word.

more often than not, the way of structuring my thoughts and plans are slightly different from the rest, and only a few will understand my style in project work after some time. Anyway, given the limited time i'll try my best. However not neglecting the rest of the modules.

on sat i met my secondary mates to celebrate Trina's birthday at Country Manna, Sun Plaza.

A favourite for many - chicken soup

Ordered salsa salmon and fish meuniere for my main course

1 year older~

Really missed ice cream cakes... too bad this was sponge

My new 500GB upgrade - Western Digital Caviar SE16 AA series

later on, i went to Simlim to get 3 things. My 500GB new drive, mich's 80GB lap drive and wenqun's 2GB thumb. Together with the Goodwood mooncake for jun's family, $400 disappeared from my wallet in just 3 hours.... Xmas is not even here yet.

then the night was spent on cloning my old 320GB-->500GB, then my bro's old 160GB-->320GB. Both of us are happy men, since i gained 180GB more space and he 160GB more. lol...

finally i wish Trina a happy 24th birthday. And good luck to my bro who's going to be a rifleman in 3 SIR from this week. Life will be tough for you....

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