Saturday, September 22, 2007

pasta de waraku

meeting with CH today was close to disastrous.

competition is boiling...

after that i met jiahao, kay and simon. Have not done any guy-talks for 1 month plus. Nice get-together. As usual i always get suan-siao about my mistake. Boohoohoooo.

the waiting time for Pasta de Waraku is terrible though. The waitress told us 30-45 mins of wait. After a game of bowling, we were still 2 queues away! Luckily i wasn't the last in the game thanks to Simon giving me leeway. ha...

25 pics for your viewing pleasure.

Pasta de Waraku!

Special menu

Seasonal menu

Wafu sauce pasta

More wafu varieties, tomato and soup

cream pasta

gratin! Don't know what exactly it is though

Pizza, curry, steak and salads

More affordable set meals, but reduced serving

I ordered the hokkaido corn soup

Drinks, soda, etc


Special #1 - Want some black ink?

Special #2 - For eggplant lovers

Special #3 - How about some pasta in ice?

Appetizing salad - not bad... especially the sauce

I thought this Hokkaido corn soup is enough for 4 of us...

The bowl is deceptive. $8.80 for this amount!!!

We ordered anchovy bread. How come no anchovy?

My order - spicy prawn spaghetti. The red "hair" is actually red hot chilli

My friends ordered set meals - this pizza is part of the sets

Kay opted for the carbonara pasta

Jiahao got this bolognese pasta

Simon's choice - Japanese style something

DIY salt

(edited) the damage was $104. i spent around $35. The biggest disappointment was obviously on the Hokkaido corn soup. Too little.

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