Thursday, September 20, 2007

the urge to purge (read: ls)

over the past week, i've been making more frequent trips to the toilet. To "ls".

on monday, i went 2 times.

on tuesday, i went 5 times. Oddly, the first four were separated by 3 hours. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. After over laughing over Kelvin's joke after eating tomyam soup from Lerk Thai (Arts Deck), i rushed off to the nearest toilet before meeting the CS2250 peeps. Many toilets in NUS have received my token of appreciation already.

on wednesday, nothing happened. Didn't go at all.

today, counted 3 times already. In fact i had to run up from kopitiam because i cannot tahan anymore!!!

after reading online and some advice from Eze, i'm inclined to believe that my digestive system is not used to the sudden infusion of fruits since 2-3 weeks back. Previously, my mum will laugh if i took >1 orange/apple a month. This month, the amount of fresh oranges, watermelons and mangoes in fresh juice is 1500-2000% more than my usual.

but i'm beginning to love orange juice! Especially the science canteen; it's freshly squeezed!

how ar? Continue to detox 3-4 times a day while enjoying that sweet citrus burst?

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